Music is the main purpose of us here at MasterSound Indonesia

Master sound Indonesia is a team of masters dedicated in creating a musical/audio masterpiece for any commercial or artistic pursuits. We are a team of dedicated people working with passion and a strong drive for success. We are not just your ordinary professional musicians, we are artists that understand the value of pristine work ethic, communication skills, people management skills, project management skills and punctuality. With us on board, rest assured your project is in good hands.

Vision & Mission

Music has always played an essential part in human life. One can say that music brings out the mood and perception of people towards life. Without music, one cannot truly experience what another is trying to express. Music is like a vessel that vessels emotional connection between one another.

Music is the main purpose of us here at MasterSound Indonesia. Emphasizing finesse at all aspects of music production, we believe in the power of music as a power to create an emotional connection to the listener. We strive to deliver melodies and rhythm be it in the form of a masterpiece according to your specification and needs. We  believe in creating a language. A master sound to translate the emotion you desire where no words can speak.

Meet Our Team


Starting a music career in 2008, Frans has grown his experience through participation and collaboration with many talented musical artists, also establishing his own musical group named Joko in Berlin in 2016. A proficient song writer with strength in music production, lyrical composition and directing, Frans have the accolade of involvement with artists such as Once Mekel, Popo Fauza, Alena Wu, Saint Loco, Angela Lorenza and many others. As a performer, Frans have performed on and off air including big name events such as HodgePodge, Prambanan Jazz, Sweet 17 TransMedia, Kilau Raya MNCTV 28, and GTV Amazing 17.

Erwin Soerjadi

With more than 18 years experience in the business industry, Erwin is an exceptional entrepreneur equipped with strong organisation skills. Currently acting as Voffice Managing Director, (Indonesia largest virtual office service) and acting CEO of (Indonesia’s number one licensing services for the establishment of companies). Erwin Soerjadi is also Deeply involved and grass rooted in various organisations such as HIPMI, JCI and was previously appointed as special staff for the provincial government of Jakarta. Furthermore he is a proud founder of Sekolah Pelita Harapan Alumni.

Yudi Tukiaty

A tactically and technically astute creative serial entrepreneur with more than 16 years of experience in the digital Industry. Yudi is Co-founder of NextDigital a proud google premium partner agency and BuzzoHero a viral influencer agency. Yudi is also acting as the CEO in Kencana Panelindo and managing director of KencanaSY Builds that manufactures building materials that specialized in building facades. His latest ventures include being a cofounder and CPSO for BARDI Smart Home; the number one smart home products in Indonesia. A graduate of Computer Science and Master Degree in Digital Media from Sydney UNSW; Yudi is a Family Man, Dreamer and an Otaku well known for his passion and hobby project MECHASHOCK.


Mellita graduated in 2014 with a degree in Audio Engineering from SSR Jakarta. Mellita has worked with artists such as Harvey Malaiholo, Marcel, Once Mekel, Alena Wu, Afgan, Krishna Prameswara and many other artists. In 2016 Mellita established Joko in Berlin as the Vocalist. Mellita has the core strength of Music Directing, Music production, Music post production, music composition. As a performer, Mellita have performed on and off air including big names events such as HodgePodge, Prambanan Jazz, Sweet 17 TransMedia, Kilau Raya MNCTV 28, and GTV Amazing 17.

Popo Fauza

A graduate of Box Hill Institute of Music. Popo Fauza have worked and collaborated in an uncountable amount of music. Ranging from commercial music to film soundtrack and scoring, Popo Fauza has proven his work worthy of great accolade shaped by 20+ years of experience.


Over the years, I have the opportunity to work in numerous productions as Production Coordinator, 1st Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and also Colorist. They include working with big companies such as Tokopedia, Lazada Express, UC News, and Cisco; where many of those are productions involving only the skeleton crew (3-5 people) to thirty people.

Kelana Halim

Graduate of Bachelor of production from SAE Institute Sydney in 2013. Kelana has paved his way into working with big names national and internationally. Kelana has experience working with names such as Once Mekel, Slank, Gigi, Sandy Sondhoro, Kunto Aji. In 2017, Kelana had the privilege to work with U2 in 2 songs “You’re the best thing about me” and “Ahimsa” 2019. Since then, Kelana have worked with international artist such as Luna Sea, Ben and Ben.

Through our passion driven commitment in delivering the best of our expertise, we hope to bring the best value to your goal. Be it a commercial campaign or an artistic pursuit, we strive to produce an output that can be defined as a masterpiece. A master sound created by the masters themselves.